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Showdown in Barcelona!


The Trading Event of the Year.

Trading World Cup
inveus Trading Awards 2017

Live 24 hours a day – for 15 days!

We are looking for the CFD and FX Trading World Champion of 2017! As of 8:00 am (CET) on Friday, 1 December 2017, 10 finalists from the inveus Trading Awards will compete for the crown of the 2017 CFD and Forex World Cup. The real start-up capital for each individual finalist amounts to USD 10,000; the prize money: USD 100,000! Be sure to be there – round the clock for only €19.90!


Showdown in Barcelona! We are looking for the CFD and FX Trading World Champion of 2017! See the trailer.

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The Webcast tickets are limited to 30,000 in number. For that reason you should be sure to promptly acquire your access code.

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Konrad Hoffmann

10.000 USD

Konrad has been trading since 1990, CFDs since 2006. He has taught himself trading almost by reading books.

Faizal Azizul

10.000 USD

Faizal has been trading since 2010 and has learned the most about trading from and YouTube.

Henry Leong

10.000 USD

Henry is trading since approx. 10 years now. He learnt a lot from his father and uncle about Forex.

A.A. Fazrin Azrul

10.000 USD

Ab Aziz started trading 5 years before. He learnt almost everything from Razak Mohd Nor and managed to live from trading.

Gustavo Esteves

10.000 USD

Gustavo is managing a laundry biz. As a trader, he is just a beginner and learnt a lot about trading from Videos.

Martin Neick

10.000 USD

Martin is a professional Trader. He started trading in 2010 and manages a large follower community.

Willy Di Paula

10.000 USD

Willy came into the race after the official winner didn’t respond to our contact. He is trading since 2016.

Dr. Agi Makil

10.000 USD

Agi has been committed to the capital markets since his youth and is seriously trading since 5 years.

Marc Lohner

10.000 USD

Marc was inspired by watching the movie „Wall Street“ and became seriously active in trading since 2009.

Peter Geiseder

10.000 USD

Peter is our lucky runner-up Wildcard winner after several failed attempts to contact the first raffle winner.

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