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Dr. Agi Makil



Trading World Cup
inveus Trading Awards 2017
Interview with 'TOASTER' Dr. Agi Makil, Finalist #9, September 2017


Hello Agi!

Congratulations! You have qualified for the Trading World Cup finals in Barcelona in December 2017! We're looking forward to seeing you there! The other participants, the numerous spectators around the world, and we, of course, would like to know how you qualified. We'd like to learn more about you and your trading style, and are pleased that you're willing to do this interview with us!

How long have you been trading?

I have been dealing with the capital markets since my youth. I've been trading for about five years now.

How did you get into trading?

During my school time, about 20 years ago, we watched the Telebörse (a German financial TV show) almost daily at home. My mother and my brother have inspired me with their enthusiasm. Over the year s I have dealt with the exchange of futures and options.

How did you teach yourself to trade?

I did not have any institutional coaching. I have a degree in economics and specialized in banking and finance. In recent years, I have read myself into the stock markets and tested, discarded and developed a lot of different strategies.

The dream of many traders: Can you live from trading?

No. And to be honest: I never tried. For this I am gladly just to be a teacher for business and law at the High School St. Klemens in Ebikon near Lucerne in Switzerland.

How did you find out about the inve us Trading Awards?

A good friend told me two months ago that there is this competition.

What did you spontaneously like and what triggered you to take part?

Many traders just work in silence. This competition is rare opportunity to communicate with traders worldwide. I like the idea of the competition.

How was your strategy to qualify structured?

The Bundestag elections in Germany showed surprising results for the classic parties CDU / CSU as well as the SPD. This would also weaken the position of Chancellor Merkel in Germany and Europe. Thus, after the Bundestag election, it was obvious that the financial markets would be reallocated at the expense of the Euro. This resulted in the short-term strengthening of the USD. This trend has continued. In my strategy, I tried to anticipate and take advantage of this trend as early as possible.

Do you use this strategy when you trade and/or do you use real money?

Basically, I try to recognize a trend early. However, as a rule, I choose more conservative position sizes. In my trading, countertrend strategies also have an important place.

Tell us a bit about the strategy that you'll be using in two weeks time in the Trading World Cup finals in Barcelona. Do you have a plan yet?

I think the news from the economic and financial press will be important. Bearing this in mind, I try to develop trend strategies in order to jump early on a trend. In addition, I think that individual risk management will have a very important impact.

Based on your personal experience, what is the most 'important advice' that you would like to give other traders around the world?

Your trading strategy should have a positive expectation. Focus on money management! There are more important elements in a strategy than the entry, namely the exit and the position size!

Last question: What are your free time activities to recover, when you are not trading?

I like to play with my daughter Sophie Tess, who recently became two years old. Otherwise I like to go with my wife Romeena in the nature or we relax with a good movie in front of the TV.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Faizal. And the best of luck in the finals!