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A.A. Fazrin Azrul



Trading World Cup
inveus Trading Awards 2017
Interview with 'Cepatorlambat' Ab Aziz Fazrin Azrul, Finalist #4, April 2017


Hello Ab Aziz!

Congratulations! You have qualified for the Trading World Cup finals in Barcelona in December 2017! We're looking forward to seeing you there! The other participants, the numerous spectators around the world, and we, of course, would like to know how you qualified. We'd like to learn more about you and your trading style, and are pleased that you're willing to do this interview with us!

How long have you been trading?

I have been trading Forex for more than 5 years now.

How did you get into trading?

I tried Forex when i was working in my previous company. I tried it and felt in love in Forex immediately. Then I started attending seminars and after two years as a part time trader, I quit my job and started trading Forex full time.

How did you teach yourself to trade?

I have learned almost everything from a coach in Kuala Lumpur: Razak Mohd Nor. He is the founder of MPRC4X.

The dream of many traders: Can you live from trading?

Yes, fortunately I can live from trading now.

How did you find out about the inve us Trading Awards?

My coach recommend the inveus Trading Awards to me.

What did you spontaneously like and what triggered you to take part?

I like the idea to compete with other traders around the world. In addition, the prize money has attracted me.

How was your strategy to qualify structured?

I enter the market based on a long-term analysis and open more positions in smaller timeframes. I double the amount of lots once my equity has doubled. Then I triple the lot size and so on.

Do you use this strategy when you trade and/or do you use real money?

Yes, absolutely.

Tell us a bit about the strategy that you'll be using in two weeks time in the Trading World Cup finals in Barcelona. Do you have a plan yet?

Most probably am going to use the same strategy, but with a different approach, especially on the period.

Based on your personal experience, what is the most 'important advice' that you would like to give other traders around the world?

Manage the risk! The profit will come itself, sooner or later. This is the meaning of “cepat or lambat”, my user name.

Last question: What are your free time activities to recover, when you are not trading?

I am trading the FX markets from Monday to Friday and relax at the weekend. However, whenever I have time, I play Badminton with great passion.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Faizal. And the best of luck in the finals!